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Parallel Matched Filtering Algorithm with Low Complexity

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DOI: 10.23977/cpcs.2016.11003 | Downloads: 56 | Views: 6579


Cheng Xuhuang 1, Wang Yang 1, Shao Gaoping 1


1 College of Information System Engineering, Information Engineering University, China

Corresponding Author

Cheng Xuhuang


For the problem of double counting in the overlap save algorithm(OSA), this paper presents parallel matched filtering algorithm with low complexity. The current data is segment based on the filter order, then using the quarter discrete fourier transform (QDFT) to reduce the amount of calculation. The calculation result of the previous and current data block are added to obtain the block filter results. Analysis and simulation results show that the algorithm effectively reduces the computational complexity. It is more suitable for high-speed demodulation which has multiple parallel paths.


overlap-save; low complexity; parallel matched filter; high speed demodulation.


Xuhuang, C., Gaoping, S. and Yang W. (2016) Parallel Matched Filtering Algorithm with Low Complexity. Computing, Performance and Communication systems (2016) 1: 17-21.


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