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A Simple Method for Predicting System Flow Rates of Telecom Rack

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DOI: 10.23977/jeis.2017.22001 | Downloads: 15 | Views: 3930


Lian-Tuu Yeh 1


1 Dallas, TX

Corresponding Author

Lian-Tuu Yeh


A simple and effective method based on the fluid network resistance model is developed to accurately predict system flow rate. This is especially useful for determining the effects of various parameters of the telecommunication equipment configuration on the system flow rate. Though the method presented can directly be employed to calculate the system flow as well as the flow rates of individual printed circuit boards (PCBs), however the present study is focusing at the analysis to generate a family of curves serving as the design guidelines which can quickly and accurately predict the effect of the changes of individual parameters on the system flow rate.


Predicting System, Flow Rates, Telecom Rack.


Lian-Tuu, Y. (2017) A Simple Method for Predicting System Flow Rates of Telecom Rack. Journal of Electronics and Information Science (2017) 2: 62-71.


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