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APOFDM system design based on all phase FFT technology

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DOI: 10.23977/jeis.2017.22002 | Downloads: 23 | Views: 3264


Mengjiao Wu 1, Jun Yang 1


1 School of Information Science and Engineering, Yunnan university, Kunming, China

Corresponding Author

Jun Yang


The traditional OFDM system as an important part of current wireless communication technology, its advantages are obvious, but one of shortcoming is easily affected by the frequency deviation. An effective solution is to improve data signal processing technology in the front of the system, thus can reduce the effects of system faults and improve the performance of the system. All phase data processing under the research idea of it is in this, after 20 years of research and development, now all phase FFT technology has been applied to image processing, signal processing, signal spectrum analysis, wireless communication transmission, etc. In this paper, using all phase FFT processing technology and detailed the APOFDM, Finally, using MATLAB simulation tools to analyze its advantages.


OFDM system, FFT, APOFDM system, MATLAB.


Mengjiao, W. , Jun, Y. (2017) APOFDM system design based on all phase FFT technology. Journal of Electronics and Information Science (2017) 2: 72-75.


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