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Resource Scheduling Method of Meteorological Satellite Ground System Based on Load Balancing

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DOI: 10.23977/jeis.2017.22008 | Downloads: 15 | Views: 3678


Zhanyun Zhang 1, Manyun Lin 1, Xiangang Zhao 1, Lan Wei 1, Cunqun Fan 1


1 National Satellite Meteorological Centre, Beijing, China

Corresponding Author

Zhanyun Zhang


Meteorological satellite data is large, and the corresponding data tasks are complex and diverse. Satellite ground application system makes the entire ground system resources applications some bottlenecks due to carrying more tasks.  That how to improve the resource utilization of the whole system has become a key problem in how to allocate the resources of the satellite ground application system rationally. In this paper, a resource scheduling method for meteorological satellite terrestrial application system based on load balancing is proposed. Firstly, the resources are defined quantitatively. Then, the resource requirements are formally described by matrix. Finally, the reasonable scheduling of resources is realized by load balancing. The proposed method can realize the load balance of the system resources under the premise of guaranteeing the efficiency of task execution.


Meteorological satellite, Ground application system, Resource scheduling, Load balancing.


Zhanyun, Z. , Manyun, L. , Xiangang, Z. , Lizi, X. , Lan, W. , Cunqun, F. , (2017) Resource Scheduling Method of Meteorological Satellite Ground System Based on Load Balancing. Journal of Electronics and Information Science (2017) 2: 98-102.


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