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Study on Financial Instruments to Promote the Transition to a Low Carbon Economy

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DOI: 10.23977/ferm.2024.070122 | Downloads: 9 | Views: 200


Qianye Wang 1


1 School of Finance, Hubei University of Economics, Wuhan, Hubei Province, 340000, China

Corresponding Author

Qianye Wang


After entering the 21st century, low-carbon economy, as a new economic model based on low energy consumption, low pollution and low emissions, is increasingly favored by all countries in the world. Finance is an important part of the world economy today. And this is a historic challenge and opportunity not only for the development of the global economy, but also for the future of our country's financial industry. This paper intends to explore the current situation and channels of financial instruments promoting the transformation of low-carbon economy under the background of fully understanding the low-carbon economy.


Low carbon economy, financial instruments, carbon finance


Qianye Wang, Study on Financial Instruments to Promote the Transition to a Low Carbon Economy. Financial Engineering and Risk Management (2024) Vol. 7: 148-153. DOI:


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