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Discussion on Repair Technology of Zinc Oxide Desulfurization Reactor

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DOI: 10.23977/jemm.2024.090103 | Downloads: 6 | Views: 202


Bo Yang 1


1 Shanghai Institute of Special Equipment Inspection and Technical Research, Shanghai, 200062, China

Corresponding Author

Bo Yang


During the inspection of zinc oxide desulfurization reactor in an oil refining reconstruction project, it was found that there was a suspected crack in the weld of the reactor body. Because the main material of the equipment is 15CrMoR, hardened microstructure is easy to be produced during welding, and hydrogen-induced delayed cracks are easy to occur in welded joints due to the combined action of sufficiently high diffusion hydrogen concentration in the weld zone and certain welding residual stress. The user and the original manufacturer made a repair plan, scientifically and reasonably repaired the cracks, and used them after being confirmed to be qualified by nondestructive testing.


Desulfurization reactor; Crack repair; Heat treatment; Nondestructive testing


Bo Yang, Discussion on Repair Technology of Zinc Oxide Desulfurization Reactor. Journal of Engineering Mechanics and Machinery (2024) Vol. 9: 13-17. DOI:


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