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Research progress of basic mechanics property and durability of fiber reinforced concrete

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DOI: 10.23977/jemm.2024.090109 | Downloads: 8 | Views: 159


Lili Ren 1, Zhong Bi 2


1 Railway Engineering Department, Liaoning Railway Vocational and Technical College, Jinzhou, 121000, China
2 School of Architecture and Civil Engineering, Liaoning University of Technology, Jinzhou, 121001, China

Corresponding Author

Lili Ren


This paper presents an overview of the development of fiber reinforced concrete (FRC) and analyzes the current research status of its basic mechanical properties and durability. Specifically, the study focuses on both single FRC and hybrid fiber reinforced concrete (HFRC). The analysis of basic mechanical properties includes the study of compressive strength, tensile strength, flexural strength, and impact resistance. The durability aspects cover topics such as freeze-thaw resistance, chloride ion penetration resistance, and carbonation resistance. Based on the research findings, the paper provides practical recommendations suitable for engineering applications. These recommendations aim to optimize the use of FRC and HFRC in construction projects, considering factors such as material selection, mix design, and construction practices. Overall, the paper contributes to the understanding of FRC and HFRC by providing a comprehensive analysis of their mechanical properties and durability. The suggested recommendations can serve as valuable guidelines for engineers and researchers working in the field of concrete technology, helping to enhance the performance and durability of concrete structures.


FRC, single FRC, hybrid FRC, durability, research status


Lili Ren, Zhong Bi, Research progress of basic mechanics property and durability of fiber reinforced concrete. Journal of Engineering Mechanics and Machinery (2024) Vol. 9: 54-59. DOI:


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