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Based on the theme packaging of the theme park

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DOI: 10.23977/lsuh.2024.060102 | Downloads: 14 | Views: 259


Wenchao Han 1,2, Siting Ma 1,2, Guorong Lou 1,2, Jiajun Luan 1,2


1 MCC Construction Research Institute Co., LTD., Beijing, 100088, China
2 China Jingye Engineering Technology Co., LTD., Beijing, 100088, China

Corresponding Author

Wenchao Han


As urban cultural tourism gradually integrates into people's lives, the development of theme parks enters a new era. The evolving development concepts emphasize the sensory effects, theme packaging, and ambient scenes, making them crucial communication media in theme park development. Theme packaging stands out as the primary means to concretely present imaginative themes. This paper, starting from the theme packaging and scene creation of theme parks, distills common techniques in packaging scene design. The research focuses on the forms of packaging in parks, spatial experiences, visual creations, scene ambiance, and scene colors.


Theme Park, Theme Packaging, Scene Design, Visual Creation, Color Application, Packaging Craftsmanship


Wenchao Han, Siting Ma, Guorong Lou, Jiajun Luan, Based on the theme packaging of the theme park. Landscape and Urban Horticulture (2024) Vol. 6: 7-12. DOI:


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