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Research on the influence of micro-class on aerobics curriculum in colleges and universities in micro-era

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DOI: 10.23977/jhms.2024.050106 | Downloads: 11 | Views: 174


Qiuling Wu 1


1 Emilio Aguinaldo College, San Marcelino St. Paco, Manila, 1007, Philippines

Corresponding Author

Qiuling Wu


With the rapid development of information technology and the prevalence of mobile Internet, the micro-era has become the main trend in the field of education today. Micro-lecture, as one of the important forms of teaching in the micro-era, has broad application prospects in higher education. Taking "The Influence of Micro-Lectures on College Aerobics Courses in the Micro-Era" as the theme, this study aims to explore in depth the impact of micro-lectures on college aerobics courses and explore possible influencing factors. Firstly, through a literature review of the micro-era, micro-lectures, and college aerobics courses, the application status and development trends of micro-lectures in education, as well as the teaching characteristics and existing problems of aerobics courses, are summarized. Secondly, through empirical analysis, the actual impact of micro-lectures on college aerobics courses is discussed from aspects such as student learning outcomes, teaching innovation, and teacher-student interaction. The study found that micro-lectures can stimulate students' interest in learning, improve learning outcomes, enrich teaching content, diversify teaching methods, and enhance teacher-student interaction. However, the application of micro-lectures in college aerobics courses still faces challenges such as inadequate technical equipment, insufficient teacher training, and low student acceptance. Finally, a series of optimization strategies are proposed to address these issues, including strengthening technical equipment support, enhancing teacher training, and encouraging student participation, in order to provide reference and guidance for the improvement of college aerobics courses and the further application of micro-lectures in education.


Micro-era, College Aerobics, Teaching Impact, Teaching Innovation


Qiuling Wu, Research on the influence of micro-class on aerobics curriculum in colleges and universities in micro-era. Journal of Human Movement Science (2024) Vol. 5: 34-41. DOI:


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