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Rural Tourism Communities in Sanya: Current Involvement Status and Enhancement Prospects amidst Rural Revitalization

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DOI: 10.23977/tmte.2024.070120 | Downloads: 30 | Views: 331


Hu Yukai 1


1 Tourism Management College, University of Sanya, Sanya, Hainan, China

Corresponding Author

Hu Yukai


In recent years, rural tourism has experienced rapid development, with community participation emerging as an inevitable choice for the sustainable development of rural tourism. Defining the fundamental purpose of rural community involvement in tourism as the basis for comprehensive rural community development, it is highlighted that the issue of benefit distribution in rural tourism development fundamentally stems from the irrationality of community participation systems. The root cause of irrational community participation lies in the income distribution and management issues arising from the transformation of tourism resources into assets or capital. This paper focuses on the current participation status of rural tourism communities in Sanya. It conducts an in-depth analysis of the involvement of residents in these communities, elucidating the shortcomings and deficiencies in their participation in tourism development. Furthermore, it proposes measures to optimize community residents' participation in rural tourism development. Based on field research data, an optimized participation model for rural tourism communities in Sanya is formulated. This model aims to enhance the enthusiasm of rural tourism community residents in Sanya, enrich their participation models, and further promote the implementation of the rural revitalization strategy in the area.


Rural tourism, community participation, rural revitalization


Hu Yukai, Rural Tourism Communities in Sanya: Current Involvement Status and Enhancement Prospects amidst Rural Revitalization. Tourism Management and Technology Economy (2024) Vol. 7: 159-164. DOI:


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