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A Study of Safe Left-Turn Intersection Conditions for Non-Motorized Vehicles in Lhasa Based on Expansion Widths

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DOI: 10.23977/ftte.2024.040103 | Downloads: 7 | Views: 191


Qiyan Yao 1, Kaijun Li 1, Mingzhe Wu 1, Wumeng Yang 1, Bin Hong 1


1 School of Engineering, Xizang University, Lhasa, 850000, China

Corresponding Author

Bin Hong


Nowadays, the safe and unimpeded traffic plays a vital role in the development of Lhasa. Non-motor vehicles play an increasingly prominent role in the traffic. In this paper, the shortest distance and multiple linear regression methods are used to construct the left-turn non-motorized flow expansion width model and the relationship model of the left-turn non-motorized expansion width influencing factors for research. The results showed that the conditions for safe left-turning of non-motorized vehicles at intersections in Lhasa are non-motorized vehicle direction of travel and speed inhomogeneity characteristics, signal phasing situation, non-motorized lane width and the number of left-turning non-motorized vehicles, of which the number of left-turning non-motorized vehicles is the main factor. When the number of left-turning non-motorized vehicles is within a certain number, and its maximum expansion width does not exceed the theoretical value, non-motorized vehicles in the intersection can safely turn left, otherwise the possibility of causing traffic conflicts is greatly increased. The results of the study provide theoretical references for ensuring traffic safety at intersections in Lhasa, promoting the modernization of Xizang's transportation construction as well as transportation development.


Non-motorized, Expansion Width, Intersection, Shortest Distance, Multiple Linear Regression


Qiyan Yao, Kaijun Li, Mingzhe Wu, Wumeng Yang, Bin Hong, A Study of Safe Left-Turn Intersection Conditions for Non-Motorized Vehicles in Lhasa Based on Expansion Widths. Frontiers in Traffic and Transportation Engineering (2024) Vol. 4: 18-25. DOI:


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