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The Application of Zen Thought in Furniture Design—Take Rattan Furniture as an Example

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DOI: 10.23977/lsuh.2024.060103 | Downloads: 5 | Views: 170


Yang Huimeng 1


1 Krirk University, Bangken District, Bangkok, 10220, Thailand

Corresponding Author

Yang Huimeng


This paper aims to explore the application of Zen thought in the field of furniture design, especially taking rattan furniture as an example for in-depth analysis. Zen, as an important school of ancient Chinese Buddhism, its core ideas of "simplicity", "nature" and "nature" and "unity of things and me", have exerted a profound influence on modern furniture design. Teng furniture, as one of the oldest furniture in the world, its unique material, craft and aesthetic feeling, provides an ideal carrier for the practice of Zen thought. From the perspective of Zen aesthetics, this paper analyzes the concepts of simplicity and efficiency, peaceful spatial layout, the application of natural materials and the emphasis on quality and detail in furniture design. With its simple design style, peaceful spatial layout, respect for natural materials and the ultimate pursuit of detail quality, rattan woven furniture perfectly interprets the essence of Zen aesthetics. This paper discusses the application of the concept of "things and me" in furniture design. Vine makes up furniture through choosing the material that has simple sense and natural aesthetic feeling, made furniture itself became the indispensable part in people's life, realized the harmonious unity of person and furniture.


Zen thought, furniture design, rattan weaving furniture, artistic value, cultural connotation


Yang Huimeng, The Application of Zen Thought in Furniture Design—Take Rattan Furniture as an Example. Landscape and Urban Horticulture (2024) Vol. 6: 13-18. DOI:


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