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Analysis of Security Vulnerabilities and Threats of Intelligent Devices in the Internet of Things and Countermeasures

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DOI: 10.23977/jeis.2024.090211 | Downloads: 5 | Views: 160


Kerui Liu 1


1 Chengdu University of Technology, Chengdu, Sichuan, 610000, China

Corresponding Author

Kerui Liu


This paper aims to deeply analyze the security vulnerabilities and threats of IoT smart devices, and put forward effective countermeasures. Through systematic research and analysis, this paper first summarizes the development and popularization of IoT smart devices, and emphasizes the importance of IoT security in today's society. Then, the common types of security vulnerabilities in IoT smart devices and their causes are analyzed in detail, as well as the impact of these vulnerabilities on IoT systems. At the same time, the article also reveals the serious consequences of major IoT security vulnerabilities. After deeply discussing the threats faced by IoT smart devices, this paper puts forward a series of specific strategies and suggestions, including strengthening identity authentication and access control, regularly updating and repairing security vulnerabilities, strengthening data encryption and communication security, establishing a sound security audit and monitoring mechanism, enhancing users' security awareness and education, and calling for the support and improvement of policies and regulations. In order to provide valuable reference and suggestions for manufacturers, users and policy makers of IoT equipment, and jointly promote the safe development of IoT industry.


Internet of things; Intelligent equipment; Security vulnerabilities; Data encryption; Communication security


Kerui Liu, Analysis of Security Vulnerabilities and Threats of Intelligent Devices in the Internet of Things and Countermeasures. Journal of Electronics and Information Science (2024) Vol. 9: 95-99. DOI:


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