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Research on the Path of Wuhan Logistics Hub City under the Background of the Construction of Pilot Zone

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DOI: 10.23977/ftte.2024.040107 | Downloads: 3 | Views: 105


Jiahao Zhou 1


1 School of Logistics, Wuhan Technology and Business University, Wuhan, 430000, China

Corresponding Author

Jiahao Zhou


As the core city of Central China city circle, the construction of Wuhan logistics hub city can stimulate the logistics efficiency of surrounding cities, open up the logistics channel in central China, and build the domestic and international circular logistics node. Starting from Wuhan's urban transportation, industry and economy, and aiming at the city's transportation service capacity, economic growth efficiency and hub stability, this paper analyzed the current overall situation of Wuhan, analyzed the problems and puts forward optimization strategies. The results showed that there are problems in Wuhan industrial structure, short board of transportation and toughness of urban logistics. Considering the elements of industrial modernization, regional coordinated development, domestic and international double cycle in combination with Wuhan construction pilot zone, it provided strategies for Wuhan's logistics hub city construction and explored new paths From the four aspects of digital technology, industrial integration, regional cooperation and personnel training in the paper.


Logistics Hub, Advance Zone, Urban Development


Jiahao Zhou, Research on the Path of Wuhan Logistics Hub City under the Background of the Construction of Pilot Zone. Frontiers in Traffic and Transportation Engineering (2024) Vol. 4: 55-59. DOI:


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