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Research on Hierarchical Scheduling of Operational Operation of Polar Meteorological Satellite Ground System

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DOI: 10.23977/cpcs.2017.21002 | Downloads: 53 | Views: 5589


Zhaohui Cheng 1, Manyun Lin 1, Xianggang Zhao 1, You Ma 1, Cunqun Fan 1


1 National Satellite Meteorological Centre, Beijing, China

Corresponding Author

Cunqun Fan


Meteorological satellite ground application system business operation scheduling is the core of the entire business operation, directly related to the entire system operating efficiency. This paper designs a hierarchical satellite terrestrial system business operation scheduling method. First of all, the satellite service is classified into first-level and second-level scheduling. Then, based on the hierarchical scheduling, task scheduling and scheduled scheduling are implemented. Through hierarchical scheduling and planning and scheduling to achieve the entire system job scheduling, thereby enhancing the efficiency of task scheduling and improve the overall system operating efficiency.


Meteorological satellite; Ground application system; Hierarchical scheduling; Planning scheduling


Zhaohui, C., Manyun, L. , Xianggang, Z. , You, M. , Cunqun, F. Research on Hierarchical Scheduling of Operational Operation of Polar Meteorological Satellite Ground System. Computing, Performance and Communication Systems (2017) 2: 8-12.


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