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Research on Further Design-----Taking the Coffee Maker Design as an Example

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DOI: 10.23977/dmpm.2018.11001 | Downloads: 58 | Views: 4826


Zhanfeng Zhao 1


1 Wenzhou Vocational & Technical College, Wenzhou, 325035

Corresponding Author

Zhanfeng Zhao


The further design of the coffee maker conforms to the trend of the current product design, breaks the traditional perception of the shape and functions of the coffee maker, makes the coffee maker more beautiful and practical, and better meets the requirements of the consumers for diversified coffee makers. Especially its humanized and emotional design makes the product better conform to the human engineering. By performing creative design on the appearance of the coffee maker; the machine will be combined with feeling of the human, thus guiding the integration of individuality and emotional needs.


Coffee maker, Design, Research


Zhanfeng, Z. Research on Further Design-----Taking the Coffee Maker Design as an Example. Digital Manufacturing and Process Management (2018) 1: 1-6.


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