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Surrounding Boards Effects on Component Temperatures of Target Board in Telecom Rack with Active or Passive Cooling

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DOI: 10.23977/jeis.2018.31013 | Downloads: 23 | Views: 2813


Lian-Tuu Yeh 1


1 ASME Fellow, Dallas, Texas

Corresponding Author

Lian-Tuu Yeh


The understanding of the effect of the empty slots in the card cage on the thermal analysis and the tests is extremely important. The detailed full scale thermal model of the rack is often too large to be for the practical applications. Similarly, the fillers which are often referred to as the dummy boards are frequently required during the system thermal tests to insure the proper flow distribution to all slots (or boards). The purpose of this study is to examine the effect of filler on the component temperatures of the target board under active (forced convection) and passive (natural convection) cooling. The results indicated that no noticeable difference in the component temperatures between the cases of the fully loaded and partially filled card cages under the forced air cooling with the fans. However, the cases with the partially filled card cage significantly reduce the component temperatures of the heated boards as compared with the fully loaded card cage for natural convection cooling. Therefore, the thermal simulations and/or tests for the passive cooling should be conducted under the actual operation conditions with the full power on all boards in the card cage.


Surrounding Boards Effects, Component Temperatures, Telecom Rack, Active or Passive Cooling.


Lian-Tuu, Y.. Surrounding Boards Effects on Component Temperatures of Target Board in Telecom Rack with Active or Passive Cooling. Journal of Electronics and Information Science (2018) 3: 1-8.


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