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Multi-degree-of-freedom robot arm motion simulation based on MATLAB

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DOI: 10.23977/jemm.2021.060107 | Downloads: 16 | Views: 209


Bin Guo 1


1 School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Nanfang College of Sun Yat-sen University, Guangdong, 202104, China

Corresponding Author

Bin Guo


The design is divided into three main parts. The first part is an analysis of the basis robotic arm components and principles to understand how the robotic arm is precisely and automatically controlled to achieve the desired task. The kinematic basis of the robotic arm is then investigated by establishing a co-ordinate system for the arm based on the modified D-H method. A preliminary kinematic model of the 6 degree of freedom robotic arm is established through a structural study of ABB's multi-degree-of-freedom robot. The basic parameters of the robotic arm are brought into the equation to obtain its equations of motion, and then a simulation study is carried out using MATLB to find the forward and inverse solutions, and the results are compared with the previous study to verify their reasonableness. The second part is based on the description and analysis of the work space in the first part, and the methods for solving the work space are investigated. These methods are also compared to analyse and understand their applicability and reasonableness. Finally, the path description and generation of the robotic arm is studied to complete the planning of the robotic arm trajectory and the results of the simulation are analysed. The study of the 6-degree-of-freedom robot arm is used to improve the theoretical basis of the robot. The study of the 6-degree-of-freedom robotic arm provides a deeper understanding of the structural parameters of the robot arm and adds to the missing knowledge for the next study of intelligent robotics, as well as to the research and application of the robotic arm or to further research based on it.


The Multi-degree-of-freedom robotic arm, Kinematic analysis, Work space and trajectory planning, MATLAB


Bin Guo. Multi-degree-of-freedom robot arm motion simulation based on MATLAB. Journal of Engineering Mechanics and Machinery (2021) Vol. 6: 42-69. DOI:


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