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Parallel video transcoding using Hadoop MapReduce

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DOI: 10.23977/jnca.2016.11002 | Downloads: 88 | Views: 7325


Mingang Chen 1, Wenjie Chen 1, Lizhi Cai 1, Zhenyu Liu 1


1 Shanghai Key Laboratory of Computer Software Testing and Evaluating, Shanghai Development Center of Computer Software Technology, Shanghai, 201620, China

Corresponding Author

Mingang Chen


Video transcoding has become a key technology for video content distribution network service. In this paper, we propose a novel MapReduce-based parallel video transcoding method. In our method, video files are stored on a shared file system to reduce the overhead of disks I/O and networks in the Hadoop MapReduce. FFmpeg is used to compute the splitting point of the video and the actual video transcoding. Experimental results show that our method can significantly reduce the time of transcoding.


video transcoding; Hadoop; MapReduce; FFmpeg; parallel transcoding.


Mingang, C. , Wenjie, C. , Zhenyu, L. and Lizhi, C. (2016) Parallel video transcoding using Hadoop MapReduce. Journal of Network Computing and Applications (2016) 1: 7-11.


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