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Cost Efficient Grooming Based on p-Cycle Protection in Elastic Optical Networks

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DOI: 10.23977/jnca.2016.11004 | Downloads: 51 | Views: 6806


Jingjing Wu 1, Yu Du 1, Jianfang Zhang 1


1 P. O. Box 365, School of Computer Science and Engineering, Northeastern University, Shenyang 110819, China

Corresponding Author

Jingjing Wu


The pre-configured protection cycle, known as p-cycle, is an efficient method, which may overcome long restoration time and complicated protection switching procedure comparing with other schemes. Meanwhile, traffic grooming enabled by sliceable transponders can reduce power consumption and obtain higher spectrum efficiency. In this paper, we study survivable grooming problem based on p-cycle protection in Elastic Optical Networks (EONs). We develop a heuristic algorithm called Shared p-Cycle Grooming Protection (SCGP) to get enough protection and less resources consumption. Numerical simulation results show that the proposed SCGP scheme achieves better performances than the traditional p-Cycle Protection (CP) schemes without grooming.


Elastic optical networks, p-Cycle protection, Traffic grooming, Energy efficiency


Jingjing, W. , Jianfang, Z. and Yu, D. (2016) Cost Efficient Grooming Based on p-Cycle Protection in Elastic Optical Networks. Journal of Network Computing and Applications (2016) 1: 21-25.


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