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Evaluation of the nurses' knowledge about the internet

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DOI: 10.23977/jnca.2018.31001 | Downloads: 16 | Views: 1258


Zahia Abdel-Hussein Masatar 1, Zeinab Faisal Abd 1, ISRAA HUSSIN ABD 1, Luaay abdulwahid shihab 1


1 Branch of Basic Medical Science Nursing College, Basrah University, 00964 Iraq

Corresponding Author

Luaay abdulwahid shihab


There is a lack of a nursing perspective on the evolving internet environment .The purpose of this study is to knowledge and correlate extent to which the internet is used among healthcare professionals and to study its effect on clinical practice .A randomized scan of the syllabus at Basra Governorate hospitals using randomly distributed questionnaires on health care professionals attending CME programs between 2017 and 2018 . Multiple choice and yes/no questionsregarding trends in internet use and its implications for clinical practice and response analysis were selected .The main outcome measures are self-reporting  rates for internet use, perceived effects , and the role of medical web sites in clinical practice.The visit of three hospitals in the city of Basra, previously the General Hospital of Basra, Al Mawani Hospital and Al  Fayhaa Hospital to take a questionnaire from nurses inside the hospital and to know how nurses use the Internet and how to benefit the nurse from the Internet of their nursing life and the number of samples 100 samples according to the proposed study.  The study found that age and academic achievement played a major role in the use of the Internet. The percentage was unsatisfactory, reaching 56%.


Knowledge, Nurses in hospital, Healthcare, Internet.


Luaay abdulwahid shihab, ISRAA HUSSIN ABD, Zeinab Faisal Abd, Zahia Abdel-Hussein Masatar, Evaluation of the nurses' knowledge about the internet. Journal of Network Computing and Applications (2018) 3: 1-7.


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