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Value Expression and Development Path of Sports Tourism under the Strategy of Rural Revitalization

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DOI: 10.23977/jhms.2021.020207 | Downloads: 67 | Views: 2171


Xiaofeng Shi 1


1 School of Physical Education, Shanxi University, Taiyuan 030006, China

Corresponding Author

Xiaofeng Shi


The development of rural sports tourism in the national strategy of “Rural Revitalization” has obvious time value: to promote the adjustment of rural economic structure and the development of cultural pluralism, and to meet the needs of political construction. By using the method of literature and logical analysis, this paper studies the value and current situation of rural sports tourism in China, and puts forward the way to promote the development of rural sports tourism. The main conclusions are as follows: The development of rural sports tourism is of great value to the urban-rural integration, the upgrading of rural industrial structure, the transformation of surplus labor, the sustainable development of rural sports culture and the healthy construction of China At present, China's rural sports tourism has become an important focus of rural industrial development, but there is a lack of targeted management mechanism, industrial development of the market environment is not standardized. strengthen the government Macroeconomic regulation and control from the aspects of economy, law and administration, give full play to the self-regulating function of the market, thus promote the development of rural sports tourism in China.


Sports economy, Rural sports tourism, Value, Development path


Xiaofeng Shi. Value Expression and Development Path of Sports Tourism under the Strategy of Rural Revitalization. Journal of Human Movement Science (2021) 2: 37-43. DOI:


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