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Research based on active reflector adjustment based on geometric method

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DOI: 10.23977/jeis.2021.060208 | Downloads: 23 | Views: 591


Zihao Liao 1, Shangling Yu 1, Sixuan Yan 1, Yuxuan Qian 1, Jihao Zhou 1


1 Jingdezhen Ceramic University, Jingdezhen, Jiangxi, 333403, China

Corresponding Author

Zihao Liao


In this paper, a mathematical model is established to achieve the best receiving effect of the electromagnetic wave reflected by the reflector.The aim is to make the working paraboloid close to the ideal paraboloid as much as possible by changing the different elevation and azimuth angles and adjusting the radial expansion of the actuator.The geometric model of the radius of the reference sphere and the focal length of the paraboloid is established.The expression of ideal parabolic function with azimuth Angle α and elevation Angle β and corresponding vertex are obtained by constructing rotation matrix.The effective nodes were judged according to the range of included Angle on the reflection surface,and the fitting degree was evaluated by the root mean square difference,and the fitting accuracy was finally obtained.


Reflector, Geometric model, Rotation matrix, Fitting accuracy


Zihao Liao, Shangling Yu, Sixuan Yan, Yuxuan Qian, Jihao Zhou. Research based on active reflector adjustment based on geometric method. Journal of Electronics and Information Science (2021) 6: 54-58. DOI:


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