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Design Study of a New Type of Flat Body Cleaning Device

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DOI: 10.23977/jeis.2022.070117 | Downloads: 22 | Views: 787


Zeyu An 1, Ruonan Wang 1, Pengcheng Liu 1, Jinpeng Fan 1


1 College of Electronics and Information Engineering, Southwest University, Chongqing 400715, P.R. China

Corresponding Author

Zeyu An


In fact, most electronic devices will absorb more dust on the surface of the screen after a long time of use, and the traditional flat-body device cleaning method has many problems such as incomplete cleaning, damage to the device easily and certain some dangers, especially in the case of flat-body devices with larger specifications or more special materials, the requirements of the cleaning method are more demanding. In order to solve the above problems better, we propose to use electric signal and sensor technology to realize the development of automatic cleaning device for large and small flat body surface. The device consists of mechanical parts, stm32 microcontroller, control and monitoring module, and cleaning and realization module, each module is complementary to each other to achieve meticulous cleaning of the surface of the flat body.


Flat Body, Cleaning device, Universality, Security


Zeyu An, Ruonan Wang, Pengcheng Liu, Jinpeng Fan, Design Study of a New Type of Flat Body Cleaning Device. Journal of Electronics and Information Science (2022) Vol. 7: 99-102. DOI:


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