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Simulation Optimization and Finite Element Analysis of FSAE Racing Car Front Suspension

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DOI: 10.23977/jeis.2022.070122 | Downloads: 50 | Views: 796


Hongrui Kou 1, Bo Wu 1, Jingkai Li 1


1 School of Mechanical & Power Engineering, Harbin University of Science and Technology, number 52 XueFu Drive, Harbin ,China

Corresponding Author

Hongrui Kou


The suspension is an important part of the FSAE racing car, and its rational de-sign and optimization can significantly improve the smoothness and handling stability of the car. In this paper, the front suspension of the FSAE racing car is taken as the object of study, and its parameter design, simulation optimization, and structural analysis are carried out. Firstly, the front suspension of the FSAE racing car is selected according to the car layout and the requirements of the competition rules, the main parameters of the suspen-sion are designed, and the suspension geometry is modeled by CATIA based on the design results. Secondly, a simulation model of the front suspension of the racing car was estab-lished by ADAMS/Car, and the parameters affecting the performance of the front suspen-sion, such as front wheelbase, front beam angle, and front suspension camber coefficient, were simulated and analyzed. Then ADAMS/Insight is used to optimize the unreasonable parameters among them. Finally, this paper conducts a static study of the suspension and finite element analysis of the more complex column in the front suspension of the FSAE racing car through ANSYS. By analyzing the deformation and stress clouds of the left and right columns under braking and steering conditions respectively, it shows that the struc-ture and materials of the left and right columns meet the design requirements.


FSAE Racing, Front Suspension, Simulation Optimization, Finite Element Analysis


Hongrui Kou, Bo Wu, Jingkai Li, Simulation Optimization and Finite Element Analysis of FSAE Racing Car Front Suspension. Journal of Electronics and Information Science (2022) Vol. 7: 123-140. DOI:


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