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Use of Meteorological Information for Condition Monitoring of Transmission Lines in Plateau Areas

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DOI: 10.23977/isspj.2020.51005 | Downloads: 22 | Views: 2287


Xiaomin MA 1, Songhai FAN 1, Wei LI 2


1 State Grid Sichuan Electric Power Research Institute, Chengdu, China
2 Guizhou Institute of Technology, Guiyang, China

Corresponding Author

Xiaomin MA


Environmental meteorological conditions are important factors that affect the operation of transmission lines, and further decide the reliability of the operation condition monitoring of transmission lines in plateau areas, especially in the long-term lasting power supply of condition monitoring devices, therefore the accurate acquisition of meteorological information in this area and making full use of it are particularly critical. In this paper it was proposed to the key environmental meteorological impact factors that affect the selection of power supply for the condition monitoring of transmission lines in plateau areas and the clustering algorithm was used to realize the environmental meteorology classification in plateau areas, which could provide the basis information for the power supply selection of condition monitoring devices for transmission line in plateau area. The comparative analysis showed that the classification results were reasonable and effective.


plateau areas, condition monitoring, meteorological information, environmental meteorology classification


Xiaomin MA, Songhai FAN, Wei LI. Use of Meteorological Information for Condition Monitoring of Transmission Lines in Plateau Areas. Information Systems and Signal Processing Journal (2020) 5: 24-32. DOI:


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