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A Network Analysis for Finding the Shortest Path in Hospital Information System with GIS and GPS

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DOI: 10.23977/jnca.2020.050103 | Downloads: 230 | Views: 15075


Hamid Ali Abed Alasadi 1, Mohammed Talib Aziz 1, Mohammed Dhiya 1, Ahmed Abdulmajed 1


1 Department of Communication, Iraq University Colloge, Basra, 61004, Iraq

Corresponding Author

Hamid Ali Abed Alasadi


The Spatial decision support system (SDSS) has turned to be an important aspect of our daily lives for its role in developing decision techniques based on Geographic Information System (GIS). This paper will be presenting a proposed intelligent SDSS mobile application for better health services and faster aid through integrating two types of technology: an improved Dijkstra algorithm that insures faster response and the geographic information system technology. This is done by studying and comparing the A* algorithm and Dijkstra algorithm to arrive at the best Dijkstra algorithm improvement method. The application goal is to serve as a health aid application that will give instruction to avoid the covid-19 virus and provide the required information and help the infected to find the right donors or apply for receiving request by using an online database system for adding and viewing lists of donators and receivers in Basra governorate. The other aim of the application is to seek out the closest hospital, shortest path to the current health centre, time, and distance.


SDSS, GIS mobile applications, improved Dijkstra algorithm, A* algorithm.


Hamid Ali Abed Alasadi, Mohammed Talib Aziz, Mohammed Dhiya and Ahmed Abdulmajed. A Network Analysis for Finding the Shortest Path in Hospital Information System with GIS and GPS. Journal of Network Computing and Applications (2020) 5: 10-22. DOI:


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