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Iterative properties on flow

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DOI: 10.23977/compag.2020.010101 | Downloads: 13 | Views: 2371


Zhongxuan Yang 1, Dongmei Shen 2


1 School of science, East China Jiaotong University , Nanchang 330013
2 Nanchang Institute of Science and Technology, Nanchang 330108

Corresponding Author

Zhongxuan Yang


In this paper, we consider a continuous flow φ:R×X→X,where X is a compact metric space,and we prove that for any positive integer N, φ is distributional chaotic if and only if φ^N is distributional chaotic;φ is Li-Yorke chaotic if and only if φ^N is Li-Yorke chaotic. 


distributional chaos, continuous flow, Li-Yorke chaos


Zhongxuan Yang, Dongmei Shen, Iterative properties on flow . Complex Analysis and Geometry (2020) Vol. 1: 1-6. DOI:


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