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Research on Psychological Counseling and Emotional Care of Left-behind Children under the Strategy of Rural Revitalization

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DOI: 10.23977/jsoce.2023.050101 | Downloads: 14 | Views: 175


Luming Pan 1


1 College Student Mental Health Education Center, Zhengzhou University of Industrial Technology, Zhengzhou, 451150, Henan, China

Corresponding Author

Luming Pan


The development of rural children is an important part of the rural revitalization strategy. Left-behind children are a special group of rural children. A series of practi-cal problems, such as the weak social support system of long-term parent-child sepa-ration, constrain the development of mental health of left -behind children. This paper takes 665 junior middle school students as the research object, conducts a survey with the Mental Health Diagnostic Test for Middle School Students (MHT) questionnaire, compares and analyzes the differences between the mental health of Left-behind and non Left-behind children, describes the characteristics of the mental health of Left-behind children from different demographic indicators, explores the psychologi-cal difficulties of Left-behind children, and puts forward positive and effective psy-chological counseling and emotional care strategies for their healthy growth.


Rural revitalization strategy, Left-behind children, psychological counselling, emotional care


Luming Pan, Research on Psychological Counseling and Emotional Care of Left-behind Children under the Strategy of Rural Revitalization. Journal of Sociology and Ethnology (2023) Vol. 5: 1-5. DOI:


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