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The Negative Answer to the Tongue of “Hong Kong has been Marginalized in 21st Century”

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DOI: 10.23977/ferm.2020.030123 | Downloads: 26 | Views: 1452


Yilu Li 1, Rui Luo 2, Xiangru He 3


1 Political Consulting, Public Governance, Moscow State Institute of International Relations, Moscow, Russia
2 Maths, Mathematics with Finance, University of Liverpool, Liverpool, UK
3 JPED Academy, Beijing, P.R of China

Corresponding Author

Xiangru He


This article introduces the origin of the tongue “Hong Kong has been marginalized in last two decades”, and analyses the financial service from historical point of view, strategic importance in national development of People’s Republic of China, and the pioneering medical education and service that lead the world, by utilizing empirical analysis over the three main body parts. We argue that the phenomenon of “marginalized” exists nowhere, exactly on the contrary, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region is placed on unprecedented political economic position in national tactics, striving for heading the world’s development.


Hong Kong, Finance, Political Economy, Medical Education


Yilu Li, Rui Luo, Xiangru He, The Negative Answer to the Tongue of “Hong Kong has been Marginalized in 21st Century”. Financial Engineering and Risk Management (2020) 3: 165-170. DOI:


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