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Analysis of Agricultural Product Brand Marketing Strategy

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DOI: 10.23977/ferm.2020.030126 | Downloads: 475 | Views: 4269


Rui Liang 1,2


1 Sumy National Agrarian University, Ukraine
2 Henan Institute of Science and Technology, China

Corresponding Author

Rui Liang


As a miraculous agricultural country, China's agriculture has always been the foundation of its economic construction. In recent years, China has been encouraging the innovative development of modern agriculture. With the rapid development of science and technology, the characters of live standards and lifestyles have also greatly developed, and traditional agriculture has been changing quietly. The land is changing, gradually towards modern agriculture. Through literature analysis and case analysis, this paper analyzes the development trend of modern agriculture innovation and the characteristics of modern agriculture. In addition, the paper analyzes the influence of the status of Chinese agricultural product brand marketing on the modern agricultural innovation on the brand marketing of agricultural products, and puts forward the brand marketing strategy of agricultural products. In order to promote China's agricultural supply side reform, improve agricultural efficiency, increase farmers' income, accelerate the establishment and development of agricultural brand to provide a theoretical basis.


Modern agriculture innovation, Agricultural product brand, Marketing strategy


Rui Liang, Analysis of Agricultural Product Brand Marketing Strategy. Financial Engineering and Risk Management (2020) 3: 183-190. DOI:


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