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A Privacy Protection Scheme for Smart Meter Electricity Consumption Data Based on Certificateless Aggregate Signcryption with Public Verifiability

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DOI: 10.23977/jeis.2023.080106 | Downloads: 19 | Views: 232


Baoyi Wang 1, Xindong Liang 1, Shaomin Zhang 1


1 School of Control and Computer Engineering, North China Electric Power University, Baoding Hebei, 071003, China

Corresponding Author

Baoyi Wang


Smart meters bring convenience to the reasonable use of electricity by smart homes and effective power supply and efficient charging of power companies. Sensitive information such as user power is leaked by fine-grained smart meter data, and existing solutions achieve privacy protection of electricity data through signing passwords, data aggregation, etc. but most of them use bilinear pair operations or exponential operations. Due to the limited storage resources of smart meters in smart homes, they are not suitable for algorithms with high computational power consumption. And verification one by one leads to a low level of computational efficiency. Based on this, this paper proposes a publicly verifiable aggregate signcryption scheme, which only uses elliptic curve point multiplication, which protects privacy while reducing computing overhead and communication overhead, and prevents the intelligent gateway from being decrypted when verifying data.


Privacy protection, smart meters, smart home, aggregate signcryption


Baoyi Wang, Xindong Liang, Shaomin Zhang, A Privacy Protection Scheme for Smart Meter Electricity Consumption Data Based on Certificateless Aggregate Signcryption with Public Verifiability. Journal of Electronics and Information Science (2023) Vol. 8: 42-47. DOI:


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