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Research on Vehicle Routing Optimization for M Company Considering Time Window Constraints

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DOI: 10.23977/ftte.2023.030102 | Downloads: 20 | Views: 881


Xuelian Guo 1, Yuanyuan Li 1, Xuefeng Liu 1, Xiaoyu Xu 1


1 Business School, Shandong University of Technology, Zibo, Shandong, 255000, China

Corresponding Author

Xuelian Guo


In recent years, with the continuous development and popularity of Internet technology, people's demand for online shopping has gradually increased, which in turn has caused scholars to pay attention to and study the problems existing in courier delivery routes. In this paper, based on the traditional vehicle routeing problem, combined with the customer's demand for time windows and considering the constraints of transport vehicle loading during the pickup and delivery process, the brainstorming optimization algorithm is used to derive the service route of Company M based on the realistic problem of Company M. The service route is designed for 35 customers by taking the shortest total distance of delivery as the goal. The calculation results show that Company M needs to send four trucks to serve 35 customers, and the designed service routes all meet the customers' requirements for time windows. This case shows that the brainstorming optimization algorithm has good performance in solving the simultaneous pickup and delivery problem with time window constraints.


Brainstorming optimization algorithm; Path optimization problem; Time window; vehicle delivery


Xuelian Guo, Yuanyuan Li, Xuefeng Liu, Xiaoyu Xu, Research on Vehicle Routing Optimization for M Company Considering Time Window Constraints. Frontiers in Traffic and Transportation Engineering (2023) Vol. 3: 8-17. DOI:


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