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Analysis of Dynamic Influencing Factors of Isolated Structure-Equipment Composition Systems

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DOI: 10.23977/jemm.2023.080201 | Downloads: 13 | Views: 464


Genxiong Zhao 1


1 Lanzhou Technology and Business College, Lanzhou 730101, Gansu

Corresponding Author

Genxiong Zhao


Considering the interaction between the equipment and isolated structure as well as non-proportional damping effect, the dynamic analysis model of isolated structure-equipment combination system is established. Time history analysis of the dynamic parameters about the equipment and the isolated structure, and the influence of different placed floors about the equipment on the dynamic response of the isolated structure-equipment combination system is took on. The analysis shows that the dynamic parameters of equipment and isolation structure are the main factors affecting the dynamic response of isolation structure-equipment combination system. The influence of different placed floors about equipment on the dynamic response of the composition system can be ignored, and increasing the equipment damping is the optiomal strategy to achieve the composition system damping.


Isolated Structure, Equipment, Composition Systems, Dynamic Response


Genxiong Zhao, Analysis of Dynamic Influencing Factors of Isolated Structure-Equipment Composition Systems. Journal of Engineering Mechanics and Machinery (2023) Vol. 8: 1-11. DOI:


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