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Research and Application of Servo Detection Device for Large Load Oil-air Hybrid Shock Absorber

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DOI: 10.23977/jemm.2023.080209 | Downloads: 18 | Views: 434


Xingyu Qu 1, Yunjuan Zhang 2, Mingli Han 3


1 School of Electrical Engineering, Shenyang University of Technology, Shenyang, China
2 School of Mechanical and Power Engineering, Yingkou Institute of Technology, Yingkou, China
3 Fluid Control, Intelligent Manufacturing Products and Technical Consultation, Shenyang, China

Corresponding Author

Yunjuan Zhang


The dynamic performance servo testing device for heavy-duty special vehicles with large load oil and gas hybrid dampers is a special test equipment developed specifically for oil and gas springs. Most of the engineering and special vehicles in China use traditional mechanical damping devices, which often show problems such as limited load-bearing capacity or insufficient vibration-extinguishing efficiency in the process of use. In recent years, the oil and gas shock absorber has attracted much attention, and has become an important development direction of the suspension system due to its excellent performance. In view of the characteristics of heavy-duty special vehicle shock absorber, solve the key problems of large load, high circumference fatigue, durability, etc., and study the dynamic performance servo testing device of heavy-duty special vehicle large load oil-gas hybrid shock absorber with high precision and strong anti-deflection load capability has become a hot spot and difficult point of research.


Oil and gas springs, testing devices, servo systems


Xingyu Qu, Yunjuan Zhang, Mingli Han, Research and Application of Servo Detection Device for Large Load Oil-air Hybrid Shock Absorber. Journal of Engineering Mechanics and Machinery (2023) Vol. 8: 61-66. DOI:


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