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Research on the Application of Internet of Things Private Cloud Platform in Air Material Support

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DOI: 10.23977/jeis.2023.080403 | Downloads: 12 | Views: 454


Hao Li 1, Yan Liu 1, Li Qiao 1, Jing Guo 1


1 Air Force Logistics Academy, Xuzhou, China

Corresponding Author

Yan Liu


Information technology has triggered profound changes in modern warfare, and the Internet of Things is the inevitable direction of the development of air material security informationization. With the current problems such as low efficiency of air material support, untimeliness of accessing to support information and slow speed of response to support, this paper combines the development of information technology such as private cloud, Internet of Things and other information technology and the actual business needs of air material support. And the article achieves the overall design and demonstration of private cloud based on Internet of Things platform for air material support. On the basis of the existing network conditions, this paper plans the platform architecture and constructs private cloud service system, and consequently it achieves real-time perception, command and control, scientific decision-making of the whole process and elements of the activities of the air material support. The development of equipment guarantee informationization and the change of equipment guarantee mode are supported strongly.


Air material support, Internet of Things, private cloud, informationization


Hao Li, Yan Liu, Li Qiao, Jing Guo, Research on the Application of Internet of Things Private Cloud Platform in Air Material Support. Journal of Electronics and Information Science (2023) Vol. 8: 14-20. DOI:


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