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Research on China's International Trade and Economic Development under the Environment of E-commerce

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DOI: 10.23977/ferm.2023.061005 | Downloads: 135 | Views: 679


Haojie Lan 1, Kang Ouyang 1, Xiaotong Gu 2, Zihan Wang 3


1 School of Business, Beijing Institute of Technology-Zhuhai, Zhuhai, 519088, China
2 School of Foreign Languages, Jiaying University, Meizhou, 514015, China
3 International Business Faculty, Beijing Normal University-Zhuhai, Zhuhai, 519085, China

Corresponding Author

Haojie Lan


In today's society, with the continuous development of Internet technology, e-commerce has emerged and gradually become a key link in the field of economic trade. The rise and development of e-commerce will inevitably have a huge impact on the development of China's traditional international economic and trade economy, and also bring about huge changes in international trade and economic development. In this case, China must understand the development of e-commerce, promote the innovation of China's international economic and trade development model, and lead the development of international economic and trade. With the continuous development of economic globalization, international trade has become an important trend in modern economic development. Therefore, further exploring specific strategies for innovating international trade under the background of e-commerce is of great practical significance for promoting the effective improvement of China's modern economic level.


E-commerce; cross-border e-commerce; international trade; economic development


Haojie Lan, Kang Ouyang, Xiaotong Gu, Zihan Wang, Research on China's International Trade and Economic Development under the Environment of E-commerce. Financial Engineering and Risk Management (2023) Vol. 6: 41-47. DOI:


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