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Design and Implementation of Software Calibrated Lead-Acid Monitoring System for Electric Motorcycle

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DOI: 10.23977/jeis.2017.21004 | Downloads: 22 | Views: 3003


Kaiyu Su 1, Mingyu Gao 1, Deyu Wang 1


1 Department of Electronic and Information, Hangzhou DianZi University, China

Corresponding Author

Kaiyu Su


The electric motorcycle development rapidly in recent years. The electric motorcycle usually uses battery pack consisted of 4~6 lead-acid cells. A battery management system for lead-acid batteries will effectively improve the life length of the battery pack. A high precision of cell monitoring is necessary to SOC estimation. Monitoring schemes are usually too costly for mass production. In this paper, a low cost high precision cell voltage and current monitoring scheme is introduced. We use the voltage divide circuit to monitor the cell voltage, and manganin resistor was used to measure the current. They both software calibrated to improve the precision. The system was fully tested and the precision of monitoring meets the demand of further SOC estimation.


Electric motorcycle; Cell monitoring; Current measurement; BMS.


Kaiyu, S. , Mingyu, G., Deyu, W. (2017) Design and Implementation of Software Calibrated Lead-Acid Monitoring System for Electric Motorcycle. Journal of Electronics and Information Science (2017) 2: 37-45.


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