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Analysis on the LTE 800M Construction Strategy of China Telecom

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DOI: 10.23977/etmhs.2017.1001


Quqiao Wang, Xiaolin Li

Corresponding Author

Quqiao Wang


Combined with the early LTE hybrid network test, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MII) has released LTE FDD licenses to China Telecom. LTE FDD frequency band is located in 1.8G band, while China Telecom’s current 2G / 3G network are both based on 800M band. Firstly, this paper analyzes the feasibility of LTE FDD network construction of China Telecom CDMA 800M band, and then puts forward the co-location deployment strategy of LTE FDD and CDMA 800M. At last, the principle of setting isolation buffers between LTE FDD and original CDMA 800M is given, and the isolation buffer setting is simulated and verified.


feasibility analysis, isolation buffer, simulation verification

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