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Innovative application of quality management method in LE engineering construction process

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DOI: 10.23977/eamss.2018.027


Mao Wenbo

Corresponding Author

Mao Wenbo


As our country’s pillar industry and strategic industry, the healthy development of the building industry directly affects China's national economy. From the perspective of building practice, China's construction enterprises carry out engineering management based on the traditional "person governance" management method, which makes the quality of construction engineering always at a low level. Even in the LE project, the "tofu" building has appeared. Thus it puts forward higher requirements to building construction enterprises, urging them to study scientific quality management theories and methods and put them into use, to improve the quality of construction management level and then build more high-quality buildings. This paper briefly analyzes the present situation of LE construction quality management, and mainly expounds the application of quality management methods in LE engineering construction, so that LE engineering construction enterprises can improve quality management efficiency and achieve sustainable and healthy development of construction engineering industry.


Quality Management, Le Engineering, Application

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