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Reform and Exploration on Experimental Teaching of Physical Education Major in Colleges and Universities

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DOI: 10.23977/eamss.2018.035


Wanwen Su

Corresponding Author

Wanwen Su


In the era of rapid development of sports science research and continuous advancement of sports research methods and concepts, colleges and universities carrying the mission of cultivating specialized sports personnel are relatively backward in experimental teaching mode and reform measures. From the initially carried out students' comprehensive experimental process and results [1], it is reflected that as long as there are policy-based incentive measures, there are institutional guarantees for opening up laboratories, and the content of experimental teaching is constantly updated to make it more relevant to sports practice. The experimental teaching reform is can get students in sports subjects to respond. The establishment of innovative comprehensive experimental courses in college sports disciplines is a feasible idea for experimental teaching reform.


Sports Discipline, Experimental Teaching, Reform Innovation

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