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The causes and countermeasures of the barrier between normal colleges and primary and secondary schools

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DOI: 10.23977/eamss.2018.072


Ren Fangying

Corresponding Author

Ren Fangying


At present, there are some disjointed phenomena between the teaching research and the basic education practice in normal universities in our country, and the barrier between normal colleges and primary and secondary schools is deepening. Teachers colleges and universities must strive to establish and continuously consolidate the links with primary and secondary schools. We should pay attention to multi-channel establishment and primary and secondary cooperation relations, based on the practice of basic education to improve teaching and research, and effectively maintain the unimpeded communication channels in practice. Since entering the new century, China's higher normal education has entered a new era of transformation. The general trend is to achieve the level of upgrading, the establishment of an open, integrated teacher education system. Teacher Education in Normal Colleges is still the first priority. [1]As machine tools for training teachers in colleges and universities and teachers’ pre-employment and post-vocational education bases, teachers colleges teaching, scientific research and educational practice should be closely related to the practice of primary and secondary schools, which is an important precondition for the healthy development of higher normal education in our country.


Higher Normal University, Normal Education, Primary and Secondary Schools, Basic Education, Contact Barrier

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