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A Design Reuse Method of 3D CAD Model Based on Retrieval

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DOI: 10.23977/icamcs.2017.1042


Zhang Kaixing, Hang Shengyu, Liu Xianxi

Corresponding Author

Liu Xianxi


With respect to the requirement of precise and intelligent design reuse in product digital design, this paper proposes a novel 3D model retrieval method for product design reuse, the method use the design feature as the carriers to organize the geometric and design feature information. First, the concept of the design feature model is proposed, the 3D CAD model is featured and represented using a feature attribute adjacency graph, and a CAD models is represented as a set of the design features. After that the sub-parts contained in the 3D models are regarded as the nodes with attributes. Accordingly, each CAD model can be represented as a set of the nodes, and the comparison of two models is transformed into similarity measuring their two corresponding sets of nodes. At last, we complete the similarity assessment by using an optimal matching algorithm for bi-graphs on the comparison of the similarity of the model nodes, and realize related model and design resource effective reuse. Experimental results show the proposed method can achieve the 3D model retrieval and support the design reuse.


Design reuse, 3D CAD model, Model retrieval

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