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Study on Appropriateness of Improved Soft Rock Residual Soil for Heavy Haul Railway Subgrade

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DOI: 10.23977/msmee.2018.72158


Jiangjiang Zhu, Qiang Luo, and Xueqi Zhan

Corresponding Author

Jiangjiang Zhu


In order to explore the appropriateness of soft rock residual soil used as filler of heavy haul railway embankment below subgrade bed, relying on the newly built Menghua heavy haul railway project, taking the filler from Yueyang to Jian as the research object, the basic engineering properties and improvement measures are studied through the laboratory geotechnical test; the field filling test is developed, and the key control parameters and compaction technology are discussed. The test shows that the soft rock residual soil is a high liquid limit silty clay, which belongs to the D group filler, and should be reinforced or improved when used for embankment filler, and the optimum mixing ratio of cement improved soil is 3.5%; when slackly lay thickness is 40cm, water content is controlled in the range of wopt


Completely weathered soft rock, cement-soil; heavy haul railway, engineering property, compaction technology

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