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Optimizing Strategies of English Audio-Visual Classroom Teaching from the Perspective of Cultural Comparison

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DOI: 10.23977/eeim.2018.013


Zheng Pingfei

Corresponding Author

Zheng Pingfei


College English audio-visual classroom plays an important role in college English teaching. In the process of college English audio-visual teaching, cultural comparison teaching mode has become the norm. Through the practice of classroom teaching of college English audio-visual speaking, the practical and efficient teaching strategies of college English audio-visual speaking can make up for the deficiency in teaching practice. From the perspective of cultural comparison, the highly information-based society promotes the process of multimedia teaching. However, due to the differences in history, economic development and social formation among countries, there are similarities and differences in language forms and cultural connotations. It is necessary to integrate cultural differences in college English teaching. In the classroom teaching of English audio-visual speaking, through the exploration of the western thinking mode, to grasp the difference and to understand the difference, to better combine the Chinese and the western culture, to find out the internal relation of the Chinese and the western culture. Then the language expression ability and the thinking expression ability are improved gradually.


Culture, English, Audio-Visual Classroom Teaching, Cultural Differences

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