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Study of Business English Classroom Teaching Practice Driven by Output-oriented Approach

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DOI: 10.23977/eeim.2018.017


Guo Qin

Corresponding Author

Guo Qin


Under the condition of information environment, teachers should combine the output-oriented method with the integrated teaching mode, and the output-oriented method can improve students’ English autonomous learning ability and innovative ability. Considering the language deficiency of middle and advanced English students, the targeted College English teaching shall be carried out. With correct guidance and help, teachers can communicate closely with students. This will help to form the interaction between teachers and students, get rid of the traditional classroom teaching mode, and then stimulate their initiative in independent learning. Taking the expressive and practical topics and contents that students care about, teachers should make full use of various factors and teaching resources in output-oriented teaching, integrate sight, listening and speaking into one. According to the teaching concept and classroom design of the output-oriented method, a planned and step-by-step English classroom teaching practice is carried out to further enhance practical English competence.


Output-Oriented Approach, Driving, Business English, Classroom Teaching Practice

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