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A Study on the Relationship between Festival and Special Event Attitude, City Brand Image and Behavioral Intentions from the Perspective of Visitor

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DOI: 10.23977/eeim.2018.022


Hui Li, Mengfei Jin

Corresponding Author

Hui Li


In recent years, more and more cities in China held festival and special events (FSE) to improve their competitiveness and build their brands. Based on the literature review, this paper takes the visitors as the research perspective, analyzes the relationship between the visitors’ attitude to the FSE, the city brand image and the behavioral intentions of city visitors, and constructs a conceptual framework. In this paper, visitor’s attitude is divided into three parts according to the stage of FSE: pre-event (FSE image evaluation, FSE participation motivation), during the event (FSE experience, FSE emotions), and post-event (FSE evaluation, FSE satisfaction, FSE loyalty). City brand image includes two dimensions, brand cognitive image and brand affective image. The visitor’s behavioral intention is mainly his or her re-visit intention.


Visitors, Festival and Special Event (Fse), Visitor’S Attitude, City Brand Image, Visitor’S Behavioral Intention

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