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Research on How to Improve Management Effectiveness of SMEs under the New Situation

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DOI: 10.23977/eeim.2018.023


Weixin Liu, Yinghui Peng

Corresponding Author

Yinghui Peng


Under the economic globalization situation, some SMEs face the problem of management effectiveness and cohesion. In view of the fact that the core enterprises of small and medium-sized enterprises have certain differences, they cannot copy the management mode of large enterprises. To this end, they will discuss the management issues of small and medium-sized enterprises and promote the faster and better development of small and medium-sized enterprises under the new situation, which has the theoretical significance and practical significance. The paper conducts an in-depth study on the effectiveness impact factors of small and medium-sized enterprise management, builds a test model of enterprise management effectiveness, and explores the evaluation indicators of enterprise effectiveness management, from leadership, culture, execution and collaboration. This paper establishes the secondary evaluation index of enterprise management effectiveness, uses the analytic hierarchy process to determine the weight, and then designs the evaluation table reflecting the effectiveness of enterprise management, calculates the effective management index of the enterprise, and analyzes and discusses the strategies to improve the effectiveness of SMEs management.


New Situation, Smes, Enterprise Management, Effectiveness, Evaluation Indicators

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