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Study of Second Language Acquisition Efficiency based on SPOC Foreign Language Teaching Model

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DOI: 10.23977/eeim.2018.027


Liu Lei

Corresponding Author

Liu Lei


In our country's foreign language teaching, the common teaching method is basically grammatical translation. In order to improve the efficiency of English teaching, an analytical model of second language acquisition efficiency based on SPOC foreign language teaching model is proposed. SPOC is another online curriculum model which has been widely popularized in the field of education since MOOC in recent years. Compared with traditional classroom teaching, it is more important in time and space. The content of teaching is more popular with teachers and students, the SPOC foreign language teaching mode is constructed, and the teaching mode reform is carried out in combination with the second language acquisition analysis method. The second language acquisition efficiency of foreign language teaching model is analyzed with statistical data analysis method, and the test statistical analysis model of second language acquisition in foreign language teaching is established, and the data analysis is carried out with SPSS software. Descriptive statistical analysis is used to evaluate the effectiveness of SPOC in foreign language teaching, and principal component analysis (PCA) is used to predict and analyze the efficiency of second language acquisition. The results show that the SPOC foreign language teaching model has a better effect, and the SPOC foreign language teaching model can effectively improve the quality of English teaching.


Spoc, Foreign Language Teaching Model, Second Language Acquisition, Statistical Analysis, Benefit Evaluation

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