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Study on the Difficulties and Countermeasures of the Migratory Bird Style for Health and Wellness Tourism Industry in Panxi Ethnic Areas

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DOI: 10.23977/eeim.2018.030


Chunqiu Luo

Corresponding Author

Chunqiu Luo


In view of the current situation of population aging in China, the state has proposed to strengthen the aging and social resources to develop the old-age industry, and pay attention to the health care of the elderly. In particular, the migration of elderly people from the north to the south or the central region has become a trend. This kind of pension system combining tourism and old-age care is called “Migratory Bird” recreation tourism. The Panxi ethnic area has the sunshine, air, landscape, fruits, culture and sports-based health and wellness tourism resources. The development of the “Migratory Bird” style of health and wellness tourism industry has very convenient resource conditions, and it is bound to become a local economic income pillar. In this regard, the paper, from the “one core, one axis and five plates” in Panxi area as the development space of health and wellness tourism resources, will analyze the tourism resources of Panxi from the three tourism product systems of recreation, health and wellness, develop strategies, summarize current development dilemmas, and find ecological security measures based on the development of health and wellness tourism resources.


Panxi Ethnic Area, Health and Wellness Tourism, Resource Conditions, Development Pattern

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